Mini Breakout Kablo

Cable type : I-H(ZN)H nx1
Applications : Indoor and duct installations

IEC 61034 (low Smoke, zero halogen) , IEC 60 332-3 (flame retardant), IEC 60754-2 (FRNC), DIN VDE0472 part 813 (FRNC)
ITU-T G.651 (Multi Mode Fiber), ITU-T G.652; ITU-T G.657 (Single Mode Fiber), ITU-T G.655 & G.656 (NZDS Fiber)
EN 187000:IEC 60794- 1&2, EN 188000:IEC 60793- 1&2 (Generic cable specifications)


Tight buffered fibre of 900 µm diameter (Easy to strip)
Non-metallic strenght members (Aramide yarn or glass yarn)
Completely dry core design
Halogen Free Flame Retardant / Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive / Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Small diameter and flexibel design
All dielectric non-metallic construction, hence no ground loop problems