GYTA53 Loose Tube Stranded Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable with LAP and PSP Armored Double PE Sheath


DRN Fiber is leading manufacturer for Outdoor Armored Fiber Optical Cables GYTA53 which is Loose Tube Stranded Fiber Optic Cable with LAP and PSP Armored Double PE Sheath.
Item Code: STOFC-GYTA53
GYTA53 is an Outdoor Communication Armored Fiber Optical Cable of metal strength member of the loose tube jelly-filled structure, with Al-polyethylene laminated sheath longitudinally covered with corrugated steel-tape armored polyethylene outer sheath.

1. Full cross-section water-blocking structure to ensure good water blocking and moisture resistance.
2. Loose tube is filled with special ointment for key protection of fiber.
3. The phosphate wire center stiffening member is of high modulus and corrosion resistance.
4. Longitudinal aluminum tape and steel tape present desirable crush resistance.
5. Product life is 30 years.
Performance Indicators:
1. Applications: Armored Cable GYTA53 is suitable for long-distance communication and interoffice communication.
2. Way of Laying: direct burial, pipeline
3. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃
4. Bend Radius: Static 12.5 x Cable Diameter
                          Dynamic 25 x Cable Diameter