GYFTA Waterproof Pigtail Cable, FTTH Optical Fiber Cables

GYFTA Waterproof Pigtail Cable, China FTTH Optical Fiber Cables

DRN Fiber is leading manufacturer for GYFTA Waterproof Pigtail Cable, and many other types of FTTH Fiber Optical Cables.
Waterproof Pigtail Cable is a special indoor fiber optic cable made of single core fiber as basic component, basic unit is single fiber.2~12 fibers arrange around non-metallic strength member, wrapped with waterproof yarn outside, reinforced and sealed with aluminium armored layer.
1. Good mechanical and environment characters.
2. Flame retardant or non-flame-extending outer sheath for good security.
3. Easy and convenient for connection.
4. Large capacity data transmission.
1. Pigtails connecting among equipments.
2. Connecting line among local area networks, and instruments.